Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piece(s) of the Week | Coffee + Tea

I find that more and more brides are looking for a unique or pretty way to display their desserts.. BUT since I don't typically have pretty desserts at my beckon call I decided to go for a different approach (the "use what I have approach") and display what you use to eat the sweets with. 

I started with our drawer-less desk, added the hutch and filled it with stacks of tea cups and saucers and the dessert plates. *the hutch can hold about 40 tea cups & saucers. You can always add an additional small table to display more. I actually walked away at this point and considered my project finished but then an hour later I came back and started adding. I began with the coffee tin and heart "muffin" tin at the bottom, this is where I decided it would all revolve around baking and drinking coffee + tea.  Hence the stacks of tea bags and vessel full of baking tools. I was inspired and found coffee filters. Without a plan I started to make coffee filter flowers and dye them with coffee. I added them to the distressed door, several different times, and no matter what I was going to use these filters. As if I had a plan I pulled out some of our frames, added menus and voila! 

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  1. I just love this new feature, Maggie! You make the most amazing table and other space -scapes. Do you shoot these photos yourself as well? You are all-around incredible!