Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Amazing What You Can Create. . .

I have to admit, it's been awhile since Jason and I had some time to devote to coming up with creative ideas (or even finding pieces for that matter!) Now that June has passed us and we were able to take a week "off" we feel back to normal. We didn't waste any time this weekend: estate sales on Saturday morning and antique stores in the evening. On Sunday we were up and out the door by 5:45am so we can hit two of our favorite flea markets, some stores in Adamstown and even made a table delivery to Philly. It was quite the day in so many ways, but my favorite part of this weekend was when we did made some ground breaking discoveries. 
About a week ago we were approached about bistro tables for an upcoming event. No, we don't have bistro tables BUT if you know me at all by now you know that I never like to say no, whether it's to a client or to a challenge. The fact that Jason has 10 more tables to go for the end of July he didn't even want to give this one a thought but the more he says no the more I want to move forward... yeah I know, poor Jason. So I started to secretly plan for these tables in my head. Spools were part of the creation but I just didn't have the legs down yet. Well thanks to the good ol' flea market this problem was solved! Jason and I stumbled upon this amazing booth and found a bucket full of metal springs from a tractor. Instantly we both knew what they should be used for and I came home on Sunday with that grin on my face that said "I told you so"