Friday, June 24, 2011

It Just So Happens . .

We've been racking our brains for months now trying to figure out the perfect business card. We knew we wanted to do a stamp but who knew it would take another month trying to figure out what kind of paper to use. Well I finally decided to just buy simple business card templates from Staples and coffee stain them. . I have to say I'm very happy with the turnout.

Of course I ordered a custom stamp and the email address on it was wrong (my fault) SO I had to cut off the contact info and just use the Maggpie Header, which was fine but I was still missing the contact info (slightly important) 

WELL I just so happened to buy a stamp set from a yard sale for $.50 awhile back. So in the end I decided to make it simple; Maggpie header... website... voila ! 

Nope.. still wasn't  happy. It was definitely missing something. It needed some more substance to it.

It just so happens (naturally) that my Mom bought me this GIANT spool of lace trim _ I have to say there are thousands of yards on this thing & out of nowhere it popped into my head that this lace trim looks exactly like the doilies used on our header for our website _ what are the odds.

So after we coffee stained the lace & added it to the card I was completely satisfied . . 

It just so happens that when you stop trying/thinking so hard _ you find the answer 
(story of my life)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Greenville Country Club

About a week ago Mag and I had the pleasure of delivering some of our goods the Greenville Country Club just outside of Wilmington Delaware. This ridiculously nice venue used to be someones estate! Couldn't even imagine waking up in this house everyday. Lucky.
Thought I would share some pics of the grounds with you guys. Enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

It Started With A Red Chair. ..

This past weekend we went back to our roots and did some decorating for a graduation party. I have to admit it was a bit of a crazy process (between nailing down the right color red chairs & finding the rosette fabric to match) but we did it and the job turned out exactly how I pictured! (always a good feeling when that happens) This family was so fantastic to work for making it such an enjoyable job in all aspects.

When I first sat down with the mother of the graduate she wasn't sure if red would be the easiest color to decorate with but it was her daughter's favorite and I was determined to make it happen. My goal was to figure out how to use red and do something a bit different than they did for a previous graduation party. 
So it all started with a red chair... then we moved on to the rosette table runners.. which we had the HARDEST time finding the proper shade, so that's when I decided to venture to the garment district in NYC, buy the fabric and make them myself. Problem solved. Everything else came together pretty easily after we narrowed down the proper shade of red and everyone was extremely happy with the outcome ! 

Not only was the decorating spot on, but Big Top Rentals did a great job with the placement of the tents. The way their yard was set up didn't allow them to have only one big tent so it was Big Top's job to make sure the guests never felt they were away from the party and they nailed it ! 

 Tents: Big Top Rentals