Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Love Coming Home To

I really want to take the time & give some love to two little boys who have such a special spot in my heart. Meet the loves of my life: Marty & Henry.  Nothing makes me happier than coming home after a stressful day & having these faces to greet me at the door.

We got Marty (2) first and he was the best first dog I could of asked for. He was so calm, well behaved (besides the eating of the shoes), smart & just wanted to be loved. When I found out Marty's parents had more puppies a year later I obviously had to have another . .so along came Henry (1) he is COMPLETELY different than Marty lol ( of course I'm thinking . .o they'll be exactly alike.. nope ) he has so much energy, gets into everything and craves attention every second of everyday_ he can never be close enough. They just make me laugh and I love them so much. 

So Marty & Henry . .thanks for putting up with us trying to run a business the past 2years along with completely transforming your  home into a storage unit with all our vintage inventory. . you'll have your house back soon _ even though I know you won't ever give us our bed back. . 

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