Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Rewards of Hunting

I just have to say I have been searching high and low for a very specific chair I was asked about for a future wedding. (future as in May 14.. not much time) I never ever like to say no so of course I said "suure I'll be able to get those for you .. in the appropriate color for the wedding! No problem" I had a back-up plan in my head (buying them from a store) but I really really didn't want to result to that because I felt like I wouldn't be staying true to what this business is about. Jason and I spent 3 weeks driving from antique store to flea market.. thrift store... barns... no luck. Finally, an auction in my own backyard had two sets that I desperately needed to get my hands on (at least one set.. but obviously I wanted both) So last night was the big night. Not only was I nervous about simply being the highest (with staying in my price range) bidder but Jason couldn't even be there to stop me if I started to go over my limit. It could get dangerous when I really want something. . then he'd have to deal with me being devastated for days about it. ANYWAY I won one of the two sets and I'm thrilled ! I have my upholster ready to go I'm just waiting for my fabric samples to arrive so I can make my final decision =) 

So in the end I'm glad we stayed true to what we love about this business. The hunt to provide unique finds. . it's so rewarding in the end.

My soon to be ivory, cream, natural chairs ! I've been celebrating since the auction ended last night.

Now I need everyone's help ! I'm not too experienced when it comes to upholstery fabric and I want to make sure I'm picking something durable, easy (easier) to clean and of course in the color I want. This is what I ordered samples of:

Canvas Duck
Success Natural
Sateen Ivory
Rumpus Buff
Ivory Hemp
Slubby Basket

. . .  haha! having to type out the names makes me realize how hilarious some of them are (or is it just me? lol). . am I anywhere close?


  1. Many fabric manufacturers can add a Crypton coating to their products for a little upcharge. Crypton makes fabric "everything-proof." Repels stains, bacteria and odors.

  2. Please post pics of the finished product. Can't wait to see.