Thursday, April 12, 2012

Borrowed Recap!

I can't believe it has come and gone already! but man was the ride worth it... Borrowed is kind of where it all began. It was last January when Maggpie received an email from a very enthusiastic Natalie Fava of Birdhouse Productions (& Borrowed). She had so much to say about who she was, how she was excited to find us & this idea of a wedding show called Borrowed. The launching of Maggpie was so new at this point we of course were just as excited as she was and jumped on board immediately. Well a lot of you know that it all started happening from there... we met Jillian & Ryan from Jillian McGrath Photography, we met Sullivan from Sullivan Owen Floral & Event Design & we were even brought on board to be a part of one of Borrowed shoots. So for us this wasn't just some wedding show we waited around a year for.. it was so much more than that. 

We were asked pretty early on to provide the lounge for Borrowed & we all had this idea of a men's lounge. I'm not quite sure what Natalie had in mind but I had an idea and I figured.. yeah we'll do darker colors, some leather.. like a man cave. It wasn't until 2 weeks prier to Borrowed that it hit me.. .umm this lounge is based around Borrowed, not Maggpie, not our inventory.. it's for Borrowed.. so we need to make it scream Borrowed. It never fails to think of these ideas so close to the date, but that's just the way it works in our world. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves (thanks Jill & Ryan :) but I'll do a little recap.

Jason & I have had these large spools for quite some time now.. (thanks to Jason who randomly found them one day & thought nothing of it to bring them home to our garage). So I think it started with the spools, then it moved on to connecting a lampshade to each spool.. then it worked out that we had just enough spools to dedicate one to each Borrowed color. So 100's of bows later came my starting point. Next I had to figure out what I had in our inventory that was red, teal, purple (this was a tough one) and yellow. At the very end I decided that each section needed it's own shades of pillows with a heart at the end of each.. I mean why not? (thanks to my Mom & her sewing skills). I knew I wasn't going to know how it turned out until I got there and set it all up but I was so happy with it and it seemed like everyone else was too!

O! & how about those flowers.. flowers always make everything look better. Thanks Sullivan!!!

Oh yeah... we had a booth there too :) I was a little more excited about the lounge though ... 


  1. Oh, Maggie. This was so sweet. I was so blown away by the lounge you and Jason dreamed up. Nothing could have been more perfect for the look and feel of the show and I knew you guys would make it amazing, but I just had no idea *how amazing* it really would be :) Seriously. So grateful for that first e-mail that started it all. Look how far we've all come! Hugs <3

  2. You rock! Not only did you make a gorgeous Maggpie booth, but you helped to create an overall LOVEly atmosphere. Absolutely gorgeous Maggie and Jason!