Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Want To Thank All of You

This past year we've been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects with many great people & we never got the chance to properly thank all of you... 

1 year its been.. 1 year since Jason & I began this journey. I just can't believe it. In one year we've closed one chapter of our lives & dove into a new one... I can't remember the last time we've looked back because, well, there was never a reason to. We've managed to collect 150 mismatched chairs in the matter of 4 months, we've filled an entire room with china and filled 3 storage trailers along with occupying every free space we could find among family. We've had our hearts broken several times when we thought we found the perfect building & almost our entire inventory was washed away in a flood. Whenever we felt so close to our next step it was only a matter of time until it was abruptly pulled away. Every plan we ever made continuously changed course & that's when I remembered some words of advice my Dad constantly reminds me of, "don't ever make a plan" .. and I finally know why. 
Our plan was to create a showroom where we can display our inventory, meet clients and vendors and get our house back to a home, none of that happened yet. What DID happen; we were invited to work on a photo shoot for Style Me Pretty with Kristy Rice from Momental Designs resulting in a friendship, constant inspiration & the opportunity to showcase work in a creative environment, thank you for all you do for us. We met our first vintage bride that made us realize, "they do exist", spent Valentine's Day creating a photo shoot with some of our very first pieces of inventory. We met Natalie from Birdhouse Productions who introduced us to Borrowed and without hesitation we jumped on board.. we were then introduced to Jillian from Jillian McGrath Photography and this is when I got the chance to realize there are others around me who crave the same things I do. With Natalie and Jillian not only come pure talent but a friendship that I'm so grateful to have. Jason & I spent the entire summer, aside from our day jobs, traveling and meeting people who loved our inventory as much as we do! We took a chance at the unknown and ventured to Virginia to be a part of photo shoot based on a movie we've never seen. The Harry Potter Inspired Shoot landed on the popular posts on Green Wedding Shoes. I was asked to be a part of a shoot for an upcoming magazine and because of my inability to ever turn something down, came a second... and for this I can't thank Danielle from Danielle Pasternak Events enough for constantly thinking of us in every project she's involved in. Thanks to her I was given the opportunity to meet Sarah from Adore Boutique Bridal Magazine & Alyssa from Alyssa Andrew Photography. These girls were so great to work with; making every project fun & always leaving plenty of room to be creative! Kim from Kim Winey Photography & Lori from Wildflowers by Design created one of the most amazing atmospheres for a wedding. It had all the elements I always pictured our inventory in & that alone made the experience unforgettable!  I fell in love with a bridal boutique and within a matter of days Jason & I were traveling to CT, staying in the home of Erica Powell from Ambiance Luxe Wedding Designs to work on a shoot with Chelsea Tyler from Everthine Bridal Boutique & Carrie from Carrie Roseman Photography. I felt like I was in a dream between the venue, beautiful dresses, lace, ruffles, vintage furniture & even some old school film photography going on! Thank you all for making the trip well worth it!

Every single one of you have done nothing but move us in the right direction. You've given us the ability to follow our dreams and Jason and I thank you so much for giving us these amazing opportunities. I may not always be on top of my twitter, facebook or blog but I can not thank you enough for your constant support. You make our day with every message, email, tweet and post you send and we want to let you know how much we care and appreciate all of you.

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  1. So honored to be mentioned in this post and to be connected to you <3 Discovering you & Jason & Maggpie some months ago has easily become one of the best things about the wedding industry for me and you have made Mark & I feel like we aren't alone in a bubble that seems so unceasingly traditional and narrow minded. I am beyond excited for what 2012, and all of the years ahead will bring for all of us, and I can't wait to grow our business relationship and friendship with you guys. What you are bringing to the industry and to Pennsylvania in particular is such a unique perspective and a spark that is big enough to light a fire. So keep your fire burning! And never forget the greatness you have going on <3