Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farm to Table

Jason and I were graciously asked to be a part of the Everhart Museum's Farm to Table dinner a few weeks ago. We always strive to be involved locally as much as possible and when we were approached to be a part of such a unique event for our area, we jumped at the opportunity. The museum always strives to bring great new ideas to the table with each one of their fund raising events and allowing us to jump onboard to help them with their first annual  "Farm to Table" event was so honorable for us. We couldn't of asked for a better event to wrap up our year! 150 mis-matched chairs, burlap, dried flowers, hay bails, wooden crates, pails, watering cans.... it was too perfect. ( I'm sure you all know by now I'm a sucker for all these things) George Duffy from Duffy Tents & Events brought us on board and the collaboration between us couldn't of been any better ! 

Thanks to everyone from the museum that came out in the rain with food and endless support, we couldn't have done it without you.

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