Monday, February 28, 2011

Dinner By Design

A big thanks to everyone that came out to see and support us for the Dinner by Design at the Scranton Cultural Center this weekend. We had such a great weekend chatting with the other designers, vendors, and attendees. Though we didn't win (Congrats Duffy...... Not!! _ jk) we had an amazing time talking to some attendees who had some of the nicest things to say.

"You're table has feeling and character" , "You've inspired me to go home & actually use the things I've never thought I'd use again" , "You're table is like a dream" 

I even wanted to tear up on two separate occasions. From the young bartender who is now inspired to plan his proposal, all the way to a 65 year old women who found love again & can't wait to share ideas for her wedding. What a great feeling to take something that is so personal and special to Jason & I and have it be received so well by the public. What a perfect weekend!


The inspiration for our table occurred more or less by accident. In July 2010, Jason proposed to me and being a part of the wedding industry we knew talk of our wedding would have to wait. As the wedding season slowed, we began to unwind by spending days at auctions, estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores and antique malls. Quickly we filled our house with exciting finds that we weren't sure what to do with yet. It wasn't long after when we decided what we wanted to use our finds for. OUR wedding! Old dining room tables, distressed and mis-matched chairs, and even the china we've fallen in love with that doesn't match but somehow works so well together. Every now and then we'd take some of our new pieces to create a table mock-up just for fun. With such an eclectic inventory it was effortless for us to create something so cohesive and pleasant to look at. It was at this time we knew where our next venture in business was headed.

Congratulations to our new friends George and Nancy Duffy from Events by Duffy for a well deserved win. Fantastic ideas. 

Also a BIG Congratulations to Nancy Harvey from Save the Date who came in 4th place ! 
{ Her husband built the table_it's gorgeous !! }


  1. LOVE your table, Maggie! So vintage/stunning/gorgeous! And the suspended structure is beautiful.

    Kudos - wish I could've been there. :)

  2. Timeless! Nancy and I are flattered to be your new friends. We are excited that we found two local business owners who are so excited and passionate about sharing their love of everything vintage. We can't wait to introduce our clients, who are looking for a unique look, to your talented company.